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Adventure Bound

This podcast is for those believing that getting outside, breathing fresh air and taking risks along the way are crucial components to living a happy and fulfilled life. Host Rob Roy fields in-depth interviews with professional athletes, thrill seekers, entrepreneurs and everyday people who continually make conscious decisions to spend more time outdoors, while doing what they love, so you can too.

Dec 17, 2019

Growing up in the Northeast, Alex Emery was exposed to the wilderness from a young age. After attending the U.S. Naval Academy and participating on an Alaska Mountaineering NOLS course, he became a Marine Corps Artillery Officer. Today, Alex can be found visiting National Parks with his family, running ultramarathons and continually trying to push his body to its limits (he’s currently training for a 100 mile race)! If you're looking for motivation on how to crush it in life, then this episode is for you!


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